Information and Interface Design


Mike Stashkiv designed the interface for a future art transport system consisting of a fleet of GPS enhanced trucks to prevent art theft. The idea here is that each truck is trackable remotely by the consignee from departure point to arrival. Some trucks are designed to dummies, empty of cargo, intended to divert potential thieves.

The interface starts with a map on which the tricks are shown en route to an airport. Each vehicle shown as a moving dot.

When the vehicles are loaded onto a plane they are shown lined up in the hold, the specific cargo indicated by a number or label.

Finally, the plane location is indicated during flight and on arrival vehicles again shown travelling there destination.

Overall the interface is well structured, interaction are clear, the main signifiers of movement, status and presence well conceived, and the main touchpoints featured in each screen. Although not fully developed or designed yet this was an interesting and well though out project.