Information and Interface Design

IID Degree Show 2018


BA (Hons) Information and Interface Design is a practice-led and digitally focused course that explores user experience and user interface design, for current and emerging technologies. The course prepares designers to work in screen-based areas, such as design for the web, app design, interactive data visualisation and in emerging areas such as wearable technology and augmented and virtual reality. The course produces industry ready designers, with an imaginative, technical and critical understanding of interface design for new technologies.



Interactive Fear Immersion
Antoine Hacheme

This project is about the fear of being watched. it is a virtual reality experience intended to immerse viewers this phobia by presenting fully realised domestic and exterior spaces.

david carvalho

By designing a cult I intend to analyse religion, cults and big data – with an emphasis on the almost forceful beliefs that formulate Dataism, as expanded in Harari’s “Homo Deus”.

Fabio Amelia

DanceScore is a system designed as an easy and quick way of creating a visual representation of a dance choreography. It is meant to be used by professional dancers.

James Stepniewski

This project proposes a way for people listen to bespoke music choices whilst working out. Music is something that surrounds people in everyday life...

natural misprinT
Michelle Chong 

Inspired by wabi-sabi, Natural Misprint is about learning to embrace imperfections and that accidental blemishes can be eaningful and beautiful.

intrinsic motivation in uI
myhailo stashkiv

The abundance of frequently changing priorities is what makes sales rep’s life a nightmare. This project breaks down complexity.

driving, by design
Rheanne Mccormick

This project serves to bring together perceptions and opinions of autonomous vehicles, with conceptual design ideas for human-hachine interaction inside autonomous cars

Sijon Thapa

A speculative project addressing how the future of augmented fitness could look like with the use of mixed reality glasses, machine learning and a virtual fitness trainer.