Information and Interface Design


Fela Kuti was a Nigerian musician, activist, and politician. He invented afrobeat, a style of music fusing jazz and funk with African highlife and yoruba styles. Fela was a huge star of the 1970s and 80s bringing his unique musical style to Europe and the USA and creating visibility for the resistance against military rule in Nigeria. He released over 20 albums and remains an inspiration to politically motivated musicians everywhere.

Mateusz decided to make an interactive timeline telling the story of Fela's life and music through his album covers.

Scrolling the page reveals each album one by one.

Videos and images alongside sleeve notes thus give a sense of how Fela combined his illustrative and photographic visual language to communicate the political views he fought so hard for and evoking the visual symbolism of resistance familiar from the imagery of May ’68 and The Clash era punk.

Overall, a well constructed vertical scroller that provides an overview of Fela’s musical output but perhaps says something more significant about culturally diverse signifiers of musical activism and the emergence of pan-africanism in Nigerian cultural development.