Information and Interface Design


This project imagines a near future scenario in which nano-sized machines deliver targeted medicines through the human blood stream. Sijon focused on pregnancy and ways of treating the unborn foetus, a very current issue in terms of treatments for pregnant women that can cross the placenta. The control system proposes a trackable device directed remotely to the target site.

Tracking this kind of small device in real time through the human body has a precedent in the use of live x-ray technology for non-invasive micro surgery in which a system feeds live data back to a surgeon who operates on the basis of an image on a computer screen. Latency is one of the big challenges in such a scenario with a lag of even half a second presenting a problem.

Sijon designed a set of actions to perform when the nano-bot arrives at the target location, including ‘stitch’ and ‘pierce’ and some passive assessment functions such as ‘scan’ and ‘examine’.

Much of this technology is already being used in different forms. Gene therapy involves precise targeting in a different way whilst operations controlled remotely via VR or similar technologies is an expanding field. This design is effective in that it imagines a possible scenario of the not too distant future and suggests some highly detailed interactions such a system would be capable of.