Information and Interface Design


Rheanne's interest in driving data has developed into this project for which she hacked into her own vehicle in order to download the data generated by its onboard computer. In an age of increasingly open data access and standards proprietary private vehicle data remains something of an anomaly, and none f the major car manufacturers provide a user-friendly way to download your own driving data in order to analyse it for insight and inference.

The system concept design features an integration between vehicle, and driver. This overlap of etc machine and the human evokes thinking from cybernetics and affective design. External factors such as other drivers, surrounding traffic and prevailing weather conditions comprise the socio-technical context for the design.

Her technical set up involves a raspberry pi and multiple devices to connect to the car systems. This demonstrates the skills necessary to access the vehicle’s data.

The information Rheanne wanted to capture is in the form of braking, cornering and acceleration data, with locations, and times. From these dimensions patterns can be detected and visualised. Overlaying map or prediction data would help deliver actionable insight to the driver.

Overall this project has huge potential for the next wave of vehicle interface design. It is a developed piece of research, grounded in data analysis and the technical challenges of gathering data from the car.